Filmmaker’s Name: Sean Miller, Director/Writer; Naz Khan, Producer; and Mike Mcnamara, Actor

Clone Clinic

Clone Clinic

Film Title: The Replacement

Tagline: Clones are people, too.

In 50 words or less, what is this film about?

On election night, a janitor feels cheated out of a life he might have lived when his own clone becomes the President. He goes on a bender to seek justice, encountering new forms of prejudice, dismissal, and classism. In a society where the morality around cloning is dividing the masses, physically looking like the newly elected President has its own dangers…

Director Bio:

Sean Miller is drawn to stories that create new worlds and challenge perspectives. His latest sci-fi thriller, 'The Replacement' premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival and Austin Film Festival. His years of experience on years of action / adventure shorts and features. He has worked on brands such as Volkswagen, Budweiser, and Air National Guard. Sean blends powerful, imaginative visuals with complex, emotion driven stories.