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Film Title (and original, if different): The Fox - روباه

Filmmaker Name and role:  Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh, Director, Animator, Editor, Screenwriter

Film trailer URL:

In 50 words or less, what is this film about?

The film was based on a true incident that happened around 200 years ago during the Qajar kingdom in Iran. The first King of Qajar, Agha Mohammad Khan, was fond of fox hunting, and he used a strange and unique method.

Tell us something funny, or sad, or unusual, or crazy, that happened during the making of this film:

This film has been my most important project ever since. Because I wrote the script on the basis of a historical and real accident, in relation to humans, animals, the importance of the environment and the right to freedom for all.

It took about two years for the production process and, due to the high sensitivity, I did a lot of the steps involved with my obsession.

What connection do you have to Mississippi?  And why did you enter Crossroads Film Festival? Mississippi's name reminds me of the 1988 "Mississippi Burning" film. And I always wished to see Mississippi River as well as indigenous people with its authenticity.

I met the "Filmfreeway" site with this festival. I'm glad that my film is featured at one of the oldest film festivals in the United States.