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Reps of the Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) answered the questions in this interview. Special thanks to CCD for helping arrange the screening of this film block!

Film Title: Life, Animated

Filmmaker Name and role (director, producer, etc): Dir. Roger Ross Williams, Prod. Roger Ross Williams & Julie Goldman

In 50 words or less, what is this film about?

"Life, Animated" is the Oscar-nominated documentary film that chronicles the heart-wrenching turned heart-warming story of Owen Suskind and his family as they grieve, heal and lovingly handle Owen's diagnosis of regressive-autism.

The screening will be previewed by a 4-minute interview with Mississippi's Watson Dollar, who has autism.

What connection do you have to Mississippi?

Crossroads represents a diverse and open group of patrons and filmmakers who will appreciate not only the story told here but also the importance of this story. Crossroads is reflective of people open to learning about diverse experiences.

Anything else you'd like audiences to know?

Like filmmakers who time and again take their best shot and hope to reveal something new, people with autism, and the people in their lives, take their best shot every day and sometimes, sometimes, have revealed a whole new realm of thought and experiences. This film is about hope, for people with autism, and for all of us.

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