Filmmaker: Remington Smith, Director/Producer/Cinematographer

Film Title: The Derby

In 50 words or less, what is this film about?

The Derby is a social class exploration the fastest two minutes in sports, talking with workers on the backside all the way to an anonymous interview with a NY fund manager.

Tell us something funny, or sad, or unusual, or crazy, that happened during the making of this film.

The final day of production was Derby day 2018. I arrived on the Backside at 5am to do interviews with a Guatemalan couple working with the horses, and then that evening I had somehow snuck into Millionaires Row. Going from these financial/class extremes, workers to out-of-town revelers, I got a completely different take on the Derby from a fund manager smoking cigars and drinking bourbon. It was crazy - for years I had been down on the ground looking up at these people and at the end of making the film I got up there. It really helped the visual arc of the film, literally starting at the bottom and then moving to the top.

What connection do you have to Mississippi? And why did you enter Crossroads Film Festival?

I submitted my first feature documentary Rubbertown to Crossroads where it screened in 2016 (it's now on Amazon Prime). So with a new documentary about an event from the South, I figured it was a natural fit to submit to Crossroads again.

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