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Filmmakers: Irene Menendez, Producer/Actor and Jeff El-Eini, Producer/Actor

Film Title: The Art of Saying Goodbye

In 50 words or less, what is this film about?

“The Art of Saying Goodbye” is a story about second chances, grief and love. With this film we wanted to explore the necessity to confront the past in order to live the present fully.

Tell us something funny, or sad, or unusual, or crazy, that happened during the making of this film.

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Jeff's character “Eli" spends the entire short film inside the bathtub. That means… Jeff was stuck during three shooting days inside an old, cold, bathtub.

The tub looks beautiful but guess what...we didn’t have running hot water (of course! ). He was freezing the whole time and both of us finished the shooting with a big cold and fever. But it was all worth it!

What connection do you have to Mississippi? And why did you enter Crossroads Film Festival?

Actually, Crossroads Film Festival! Indeed in 2014 our film “Marceline Blurr” was in official selection at CFF and when asked this same question we answered that "though we were fascinated by Southern Culture we did not have any connection yet”. We still haven't had the chance to visit Jackson, but Crossroads Film Festival definitely has all our love.

Anything else you’d like audiences to know?

This film is our most personal yet. It was made with a lot of love and the hard work of an incredible crew of dedicated indie filmmakers.

We hope that some of that work will reflect on the screen and that the audience at Crossroads Film Festival will connect with the story.