See "The IF Project" on April 5 at Millsaps (free)

Jackson, Mississippi – The Crossroads Film Society, Millsaps College and The Mississippi Film Office present The If Project, a film by Kathlyn Horan, as part of the South Arts Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers, free to the public at Millsaps College on April 5 at 7 p.m., in Room 137 of the Gertrude C. Ford Academic Complex, 1701 N. State Street in Jackson, Mississippi.

Following the screening, the film’s director, producer and writer Kathlyn Horan will engage the audience in a discussion about the film.  Detective Kim Bogucki, a principal subject of the film, will be joining Horan as a special guest.

Since 1985, women have been incarcerated at nearly double the rate of men; they are the fastest growing segment of the population in US prisons. In Washington State’s maximum security prisons, one heroic police officer began a writing workshop to explore the reasons behind this staggering increase, help heal deep wounds, and offer hope of rehabilitation. Detective Kim Bogucki then officially co-founded The IF Project in the Washington Department of Corrections to share intimate accounts of their experiences through writing and video diaries, and together with Horan, documented the process into a film.

“About 700,000 inmates are released from federal and state prisons each year,” explained Horan, “and approximately two-thirds will reoffend within three years. I believe the future of our communities and our nation rests on how we rehabilitate and reintegrate former prisoners back into society. The answers to the IF question as brought to life in the documentary show us that we are returning people to our communities broken and unprepared.”

 “We are in an important moment in time for this conversation. The topic of mass incarceration is constantly in today’s headlines,” continued Horan. “At the same time, criticism of American policing is the highest it has ever been. The IF Project demonstrates that both populations can serve each other and ultimately, our communities as a whole.

Horan has a rich history as a filmmaker. Her subjects range from some of the nation’s leading politicians, activists and artists such as Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, the Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow, and Bill Maher. Other film projects include “A Voice for Choice” and “What is Zen?”

This is the last of six films shown in Jackson as part of the 2016 – 2017 season of the South Arts Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers. 

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