April 14, 2019

After an amazing Sunday Awards Brunch on Sunday (special thanks to Iron Horse Grill – our amazing venue!), Crossroads Film Society is pleased to announce the winning films for the 2019 Crossroads Film Festival: 

  • Award for Best Feature Narrative – Driven (USA), Dir. Glenn Payne; Prod. Casey Dillard & Glenn Payne

  • Award for Best Short Narrative – Are You Volleyball?! (Islamic Republic of Iran), Dir. Mohammad Bakhshi; Prod. Nima Rabiei

  • Award for Best Feature Documentary – Attaché (USA), Dir. & Prod. Melissa Pace Overholt

  • Award for Best Short Documentary – The Traffic Separating Device (Sweden), Dir. & Prod. Johan Palmgren

  • Award for Best Experimental Film – Dear K (USA), Dir. Finley King; Prod. Finley King & Rutgers Digital Filmmaking Center

  • Award for Best Animated Film – Run Rostam Run (Islamic Republic of Iran), Dir. & Prod. Hossein Molayemi

  • Award for Best Student Film – Asia A (USA), Dir. Andrew Reid; Prod. Jake Katofsky & Eric Baird

  • Adam Ford Youth Filmmaking Award – We Are Now (USA), Prod. Gandhi Brigade Youth Media

  • Award for Best Music Video – “Royal,” by Lost in Translation (USA), Dir. & Prod. Michael Williams

  • Award for Most Transformative Film – Thank You for Supporting the Arts (USA), Dir. Carolann Stoney & W. Alexander Jones; Prod. Jessica Daugherty, Danielle Higgins & Cintamani Calise

  • Programmers' Choice Award – White Guys Solve Sexism (USA), Dir. & Prod. Christopher Guerrero

  • The Ruma Award for Most Promising Mississippi Filmmaker – Hanna Lane Miller, for The Hidden Vote, and Roots and Wings

  • Audience Choice Award – 83 Days (USA), Dir. Andrew Paul Howell; Prod. Ray Lënard Brown, Andrew Paul Howell, Summer Michele Howell, Lucius Baston, & Ryan Dennett-Smith

  • Audience Choice Award (Music Video) – “Get Up,” by Seth Power (USA), Dir. David Matthews; Prod. Zach Prichard

"Lagniappe Awards" (Honorable Mention) -

The programming team is pleased to offer these special “Lagniappe Awards” to films we particularly enjoyed. The Lagniappe Award is an Honorable Mention for filmmaking achievement, for content, and/or for sheer fun! The only criteria are that a programmer must nominate the film, and it must not have won in another category. Lagniappe Award winning films receive a certificate of merit and special Crossroads laurels. Winners of the 2019 Lagniappe Awards are:

  • The Fox (Islamic Republic of Iran), Dir. Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh; Prod. Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh and Documentary & Experimental Film Center

  • “Hello Heart,” by John Kilzer (USA), Dir. Laura Jean Hocking; Prod. Ward Archer

  • Negro Terror (USA), Dir. & Prod. John Rash

  • The Replacement (USA), Dir. Sean Miller; Prod. Sean Miller & Naz Khan

Congratulations to all these films and their filmmakers! For tickets to Festival and year-round Society events, visit www.crossroadsfilmfestival.com.

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