10 Things You Need to Know about
Crossroads Film Festival

  1. Mississippi has a deep and rich storytelling heritage. The film festival celebrates that by bringing films from across the South, the country, and the world to central Mississippi, so you can see them.

  2. Crossroads 2019 has something for everyone – some of the films include Canton Young Filmmakers, horror night at Hal and Mal’s, women filmmakers, music videos, short films and feature-length… everything from Coming to America to Joe Bob Briggs!

  3. Because Mississippi is one of the most diverse states in the country, Crossroads Film Festival attracts many different filmmakers and film lovers who bring a wide variety of perspectives to Crossroads activities.

  4. Crossroads has 20 years of experience in promoting filmmaking in Mississippi, making it one of the oldest film societies in the South.

  5. Everybody has a story and the Crossroads Film Festival helps independent filmmakers from all over the world tell them.

  6. This year, we received more than 350 entries; about 100 films were selected for the Festival.

    • About 40 films have a Mississippi connection and more are from the South.

    • More than 30 films are from around the world.

  7. We’ve worked hard to bring high-quality films that central Mississippi doesn’t always get a chance to see. For example, we are featuring two films that just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival:

    • Native Son, an excellent re-telling of Mississippi author Richard Wright’s famous novel, and

    • Always in Season, a documentary about a lynching in 2014 and the South Carolina community's reaction to it.

  8. One of the most exciting things we’re doing to holding 5 Master Classes featuring a variety of acclaimed people in the filmmaking industry – we've got cinematography, set design, producing, casting kids for the movies, and screenwriting. Get all the details here.

  9. The Crossroads Film Festival is managed by the Crossroads Film Society whose goal it is to promote filmmaking and the Jackson metro area.

    • We’re always looking for new people to join us. If you’d like to become involved or become a member here’s how

    • We also hold other events, such as the monthly Screen on the Green film series (in partnership with the Museum of Art) outside in the Art Garden, and the Eudora Welty Film Series.

  10. Crossroads Film Festival is good for the community and for Mississippi. Film is the most accessible art form, and Crossroads Film Society is just one part of the rich and vibrant fabric of Jackson’s cultural and art scene!