Johnny Coleman - Director
"The Waves"
Music Video

This music video is a mix of fun and function, as we used a party bus provided by Network 23, to make a day shoot where artist Kerry Thomas moves through different location with his friends and has a good time, all shot in slo-mo.

The Artist, Kerry Thomas and I have worked together before, and we decided to put together a fun video and try something new from a technical standpoint for aesthetics by doing a slo-mo double-time lip sync, which was a challenge for the artist to speed up his vocal delivery. He nailed it and gave an awesome performance for the visual.

I worked with John Pempleton (Johnny Brio) DP, to come up with the concept and put together the visual part of the video. John was able to lend his talent to this project in a major way, as he helped to bring the vision to life.

Thanks to:
Off Beat Jxn
Conkrete Kicks
AVEVO Productions
Network 23 Transport

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