Filmmaker’s Name and Title:  Nadine Boller (Director, Producer, Camera, Editor)
Film Name:  The Block
Length of film: 9 min. 40 sec.
Genre:  Documentary
In 50 words or less, what’s this film about?
In the middle of the steppes of Kyrgyzstan an old concrete foundation dating back to the Soviet era is gaining more and more importance as it is the only place where the local nomads can get phone reception.

What inspired you to make this film?
I was filming a documentary about Kyrgyz nomadic family and spent 6 months living with them. Their yurt camp wasn’t too far from that concrete block so I could observe it every day. I found it fascinating, funny and abstract how the locals from the region were magically drawn to that place.
Name your Top 3 Films of All Time:
Victoria by Sebastian Schipper
Being John Malkowich by Spike Jonze
Ten Meter Tower by Maximilien Van Aertryck

What’s your connection to Mississippi?  (If you don’t have one, why did you apply to a Mississippi festival?)
Through aug&ohr distribution agency. Otherwise I don’t have a connection.
Anything else you want the audience to know about your film:
The film was shot in 6 consecutive days and it was only once I got a translator in Berlin that I realised what their conversations were about (contrary to my belief that they were talking about the weather and the sheep).