Filmmaker’s Name:  Russell Blanchard
Film Title:  The Lot
Film TRT: 15:19
Genre(s): Drama, African-American

The Lot is about reaching out to help those outside your window.
I was a block away from my house in a local coffee shop and started talking to the owner about what it means to reach out and help others in your community. He told me a story about how seven years prior he had worked to turn the abandoned lot across the street into a park for kids. After some brief success he ran into a bunch of red tape with the city and the park was shutdown. Even though the project wasn’t successful he still was able to impact many of the neighborhood children and through his actions they all still remember him and the project today.

The best experience was when Baakir Tyehimba, the man the story is based on, pulled me aside during filming and said our movie has brought the neighborhood together more than anything else since the original park project.

Russell Blanchard started out making short films in Hawaii, working for PBS Hawaii and working on the TV show LOST. He now focuses on social impact films.

I was recommended to submit to Crossroads by my good friend KD Amond who was an Editor on THE LOT. She Directed a short, The Woodshed, that was selected by Crossroads a few years ago and said it was her favorite festival by far!

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