Filmmaker's Name: Rex Jones


Film Title: Flag Flap Over Mississippi

Filmmaker Statement:

Does Mississippi's state flag, adopted in 1894 and the last in the United States to incorporate Confederate imagery into its design, represent hospitality or hostility? To some it depicts history and heritage; to others it stands for a history of hate and injustice.

The discourse over the flag often becomes so contentious that the debate quickly devolves into a shouting match. FLAG FLAP OVER MISSISSIPPI is a filmic conversation between all sides that will hopefully generate more civil discussion in the public sphere.

Producing a balanced film that takes a nuanced look at our state-flag controversy was a challenge. One-sided films that "preach to the choir" are neither intellectually interesting nor critically sound, so my goal was to make a film that presented both sides of the divisive issue while ultimately landing on a call for progressive change.

I'm a seventh-generation Mississippi native who has a complicated relationship with my home state, so I try to work some of that out in my films. It's cheaper than therapy.

It's incumbent upon all of us as Mississippi citizens to be as informed as we can on the state flag so that we can make a good decision when it's time to vote in the referendum, which is probably coming this year in 2018. Whatever your opinion may be, make it known.