Filmmaker's Name: Marat Narimanov

Film Title: Big Booom (Mississippi premiere)

The film is about the evolution of the universe and of our planet, depicting the probable end of both.

I always wanted to make a small, nice film. This story which came to me about 8 years prior to the completion date of the film, seemed like a good fit for almost all the requirements, especially in technological terms (it was considerably easy to make technology-wise). Still, it took really long to plan and study different aspects and finally to make it, so the film that was conceived in 2008 finally had it's release only at the very end of 2016.

Everything was strange about making the film (it was supposed to be my first film, but I ended up releasing two 1-minute films during the time I produced Big Booom), but the most strange thing was the amount of time that took us to make the film, especially when it came to sound design and music, because I had to wait about 2 years while those parts of the job  finally got accomplished.

I have no connection to Mississippi, but as this film has already screened around the world, and we have received good response from almost every country, I thought, it's a nice idea, to share it with Mississippi public.

The most interesting thing about the film is that it's based partly on the wide-known scientific evolution hypothesis, and partly on the old
Hindu evolution doctrine. As for the science, everything that's depicted in the film that may be regarded as a joke by the well-educated person is almost true, because unfortunately the science can not explain where did the water on our planet come from, how the non-organic elements transformed into organic elements, and how exactly the monkey became a human, and why during the last 4,000 years there are no known facts of monkeys becoming humans.

Sincerely, Marat Narimanov