Filmmaker's Name: Katie Jeffery


Film Title: Bird

In 50 words or less, what is your film about? 

Bird is an experimental reflection piece focused around a young woman.

What was your motivation to make this film… why this film, and why now? 

This film started out from class assignment and evolved into this short film. Working on my senior art exhibition at the same time as this film strongly influenced the way I shot it and themes in it. Making this film gave me the chance to experiment with telling story through film.

Was there anything strange, funny, interesting, sad, scary, or otherwise unusual about making this film? 

I shot the film in about two weeks and within that time Mississippi had gone from dead and dry browns to bright, fresh, flowing greens as spring arrived. That played into the film and the editing since it is shot outdoors.

What is your connection to Mississippi?  If you don’t have one, why did you choose to enter your film into a Mississippi festival? 

This film was shot in the Jackson, MS area.