Filmmaker's Name: Julia Bhansali

Film Title: Solitude

Filmmaker Statement:

In 50 words or less, what is this film about?

In 1944 one woman is forced to face the harsh realities of war and experience the true meaning of solitude.

One day the idea for this film randomly popped into my head and I just rolled with it. I began to brainstorm and envision the concept and storyline and it just took off from there. I spent months and months brainstorming, writing, searching for costumes, and planning until finally it was ready to film. All of the letters and artifacts and some of the costumes are actually from World War II and the characters, Harry and Sarah Raymond, were real people and are actually related to the star of the film, Maddie Gall and her grandmother, Rita Mcguffie. It was so cool to get to portray this piece of history and see these real people embodied in this story.

The making of this film was quite the adventure to say the least. It was filmed all in one week in July and it was such a wonderful experience. At one point, we were losing the light and we still had to this one scene, but we had to make it look like a grave so we actually sat there and frantically poured dirt on the earth to make it look authentic and I would say that it definitely paid off (the multitude of mosquito and ant bites might disagree though). 

“Solitude" was filmed completely in Mississippi and the characters that the film is centered around actually lived in Mississippi during the period that the film takes place in.

Fun fact: This film was partially edited while I was under the influence of wisdom teeth medication. I was in the process of editing when I had to get my wisdom teeth removed, but I was not going to let that stop me! I sat on my couch with a pint of ice cream, swollen and in pain, and edited!