Filmmaker’s Name and Title:  David Cortello: director, producer           
Film Name:  Invisible Man
Length of film: 4 minutes
Genre:  Music Video
In 50 words or less, what’s this film about?  
This song is about a conflict of intimacy and trust—the fear of each as well as the need for each. The main character approaches trust, asks for intimacy with others, but never gains the courage himself to reach out. He remains safe, but invisible.
What inspired you to make this film?    
I’m a composer and I love the connection between sound and image. I didn’t have a film to score so I made my own.
Name your Top 3 Films of All Time:           
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
The Commitments (1991)
Crash (2004)
Birdman (2014)
What’s your connection to Mississippi?  (If you don’t have one, why did you apply to a Mississippi festival?)
I am a New Orleans native (close enough), and my mom and one sister live in Magnolia, Mississippi.
Anything else you want the audience to know about your film:
This is not science fiction.