Ilina Perianova_Snowgirl.jpg

Filmmaker's Name: Ilina Perianova

Film Title: Snowgirl (Mississippi premiere)

In 50 words or less, what is your film about?

The transience of life through the character of Snegurochka (Snowgirl), an important fairy tale character in Russian folklore. The ephemeral beauty who will melt your heart.

What was your motivation to make this film… why this film, and why now?

I have always been inspired by fairytales. I believe they can teach us a lot about ourselves and mankind.  Currently, because of the fast development and implementation of technology in our daily lives, people need more and more to feel magic, hope, love and humanity. Snowgirl carries all these emotions on the big screen, but is also underlines the fragility of nature.

Was there anything strange, funny, interesting, sad, scary, or otherwise unusual about making this film?

Making this film was very complicated, because for two years there was no snow in Estonia where the film was shot and we had to wait. Global warming was so visible that it became an underlined topic in the film. 

What is your connection to Mississippi?  If you don’t have one, why did you choose to enter your film into a Mississippi festival?

I would be very happy to visit Mississippi and attend the screening of Snowgirl, yet currently I reside in Europe. To me it's important that more people are touched by the magic of Snowgirl’s fairytale and I hope that the audience will enjoy the film as much as we loved creating it. 
Anything else you’d like the audience to know about your film?

Thank you for coming to see my film!