Filmmaker’s Name: Hamish Grieve
Film Title:  Hello Charles
Film TRT: 6 min. 32 sec.
Genre(s): Drama/Comedy

In 50 words or less, what is your film about?

Hello Charles is the story of George, a young man who has arrived at a low moment in his life and is about to make a really bad decision. Luckily for George his childhood imaginary friend Charles shows up to remind him of who he used to be.

What inspired you to make this particular film?
I wanted to make a SHORT short film that still felt like it took you on a compelling emotional and narrative journey. I also wanted to learn as much as possible from as many people as possible at all stages of the process, from the writing to the film-making to the editing to the music. Treating the whole thing as a giant learning experience also turned out to be a pretty great coping mechanism for dealing with the fear and doubt that comes with making any film. But mainly I was inspired to make this by my wife, Mylissa, telling me I was going to make a short film and then producing and providing me with the story concept.

What’s the best experience you had making this film?  What’s the worst?  Why?

The best experience was for me the whole thing. I learnt so much at every point of the film making experience, from the writing to the actors to the editing to the music to the color correction. Every part of it gave me fresh insight. I'm lucky enough that my day job is working in animation and I get to tell stories every day but to see something through from beginning to end, and for it to ultimately be on me, was incredibly satisfying. The worst experience was losing the light and time when the church we were filming next to on a Sunday started to really get down musically and we couldn't film over their singing, drum beating, whooping and wailing.

In your opinion, what’s the best film ever made?  The worst?  Why?

HA, well that's not an easy question. I don't think I have favorite films so much as favorite film watching experiences. Those moments when the movie you are watching syncs up perfectly with where you are in your life and the people you are watching it with. Drinking Whiskey with my brothers watching Peckinpah's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Seeing my kids be entranced by something as simple as the falling of rain in a forest in Bambi. It’s those moments and so many more that make a best film for me. Worst film? There's so many but I secretly like to watch them because you learn more sometimes from the bad stuff than the good stuff.

RE: a short bio… Tell us about your start in filmmaking.  Who are your heroes?  Did you get your start as an actor? A screenwriter? A grip?

My parents both worked in the British film industry, so I was lucky enough to be surrounded by film and film makers from an early age. Visiting the set of Empire Strikes Back as a 9-year-old was, y'know, okay. But I also loved to draw, and after many twists and turns I got a job that combined both film-making and my doodling propensities at Dreamworks Animation doing Storyboards. I am currently a Head of Story on Captain Underpants, which my a fore mentioned 9-year-old self would be very happy about.

Tell us about your connection to Mississippi.  If you don’t have one, why did you choose to enter Crossroads Film Festival?

I have no connection to Crossroads Festival but have been a fan of the music that has come out of the area. When making our festival plan we wanted to choose festivals with good reputations where our film could work, and of course places we wanted to visit!

Tell us about your social media presence:

Instagram: hgrieve