Great Dane_Alexei Slater.jpg

Filmmaker's Name:  Alexei Slater

Film Title: Great Dane (US premiere)

In 50 words or less, what is your film about? 

Two strangers who meet in the park… all is not what it seems with each of them.

What was your motivation to make this film… why this film, and why now?

I am good friends with a comedy quartet called Zazu and had previously shot a comedy with the other two members (Nick and Harrie) and so this was the chance to make a film with Maddie and Tom.

Was there anything strange, funny, interesting, sad, scary, or otherwise unusual about making this film?

It was funny watching the rather strange script come to life as it was shot by the excellent duo of director James Webber and DP Lorenzo Levrini. We were also attacked by millions of bees that lived under the ground where we filming and kept appearing when the sun came out!

What is your connection to Mississippi? If you don’t have one, why did you choose to enter your film into a Mississippi festival?

No direct connection except I have had 2 short films ("82" and "The Driving Seat") screen there previously and I am a lifelong blues music fan and guitar player so it's very cool to screen in Mississippi.

Anything else you’d like the audience to know about your film?

It's very surreal..don`t try and explain it all completely literally!