Filmmaker's Names: Gary Jaffe & Katie Ennis
Film Title: Sunset (Mississippi premiere)

In 50 words or less, what is your film about?

In the days following Pearl Harbor, a duty-bound gay man must decide whether to serve overseas or stay behind in New York City with bohemian lover. 
What was your motivation to make this film… why this film, and why now?

In SUNSET, a relationship fractures over the irreconcilability of each partner's beliefs at a tense moment in history. In 2018, we find ourselves at another tense moment, when loved ones and lovers once again find themselves on opposing sides of a widening cultural divide. With SUNSET, we wanted to dramatize that fracture but also point to the way love can bridge the gap, or at least build to greater empathy and understanding. 
Was there anything strange, funny, interesting, sad, scary, or otherwise unusual about making this film?

One interesting factoid is that we filmed in co-director/editor Katie Ennis's pre-war Brooklyn apartment just as she was about to move out.  Another is that the film began its life as a screenplay but then became a play, which is how we found actor Ryan Trout who plays "Arnie." The inspiration for the film comes largely from two important LGBT history books -- Alan Bérubé's COMING OUT UNDER FIRE and George Chauncey's GAY NEW YORK. 
What is your connection to Mississippi?  If you don’t have one, why did you choose to enter your film into a Mississippi festival?

I think Crossroads' name epitomizes why we love that we're playing in Jackson -- SUNSET is about cultural crossroads, about the intersection of sociopolitical values with desire. Mississippi embodies so much of what America is, one state deeply split in many ways, but with so many complex overlaps. So many intersections and so much love, even across bitter partisan divides. And that's our film!

Anything else you’d like the audience to know about your film?

We're thrilled to be playing in Jackson! Thank you for having us!