Filmmaker’s Name: Ed Ziari
Film Title: Desire in New York
Film TRT: 65 minutes
Genre(s): Drama/ Urban/ Neo-Noir/ Avant-Garde/ B Movie

In 50 words or less, what is your film about?
When Karen's strong personality collides with her sexual addiction, she has to take a closer look at her relationship with her estranged son.
What inspired you to make this particular film?  
I’ve always been interested in sexuality as a theme and wanted to tell a story that centered around a strong female lead Also, I strive to showcase New York (the city where I’ve lived for the last twelve years) in my own honest way: exciting for most people but lonely for others, beautiful but can be bleak at the same time. So making a sexuality-centric first feature about a lonely woman who leads an interesting life in the big city was a no-brainer.

What’s the best experience you had making this film?  What’s the worst?  Why?
Working with the talented actors and committed crew members, who really want nothing but contribute artistically -- during pre-production and on set -- was so rewarding for me. That was the best part of the process. To know that the people involved trust you and want the project to be finalized just as much as you do is remarkable and so encouraging.
If I had to think of a bad experience, it would be shooting some of the exteriors in 16 degrees. That was tough but we pushed and made it happen.

In your opinion, what’s the best film ever made?  The worst?  Why?
I consider any film made by Ingmar Bergman a masterpiece. I admire the guy for two reasons: his genius was exceptional- I simply can’t think of anyone in the film world with that degree of intellect and talent, especially now. Also, his commitment and dedication to cinema - We’re talking about making films prior to the digital age and he managed to make over 60 outstanding films.
I don’t care for most mainstream blockbusters that are made for so much money to just make more money.

RE: a short bio… Tell us about your start in filmmaking.  Who are your heroes?  Did you get your start as an actor? A screenwriter? A grip?
I decided I wanted tell visual stories when I was still living in my native country, Morocco (I think I must’ve been 15 at the time). So I would write down ideas and all but I didn’t get to really do it until I moved to New York and went to film school here. I’ve been interested mainly in writing and directing so I made a couple of shorts prior to this film. I honestly think I’d suck as a grip. I don’t really have any heroes - I feel they keep changing. But, at the same time, I feel one has to find a hero in them, to keep looking in them.

Tell us about your connection to Mississippi.  If you don’t have one, why did you choose to enter Crossroads Film Festival?
I consider myself a citizen of the world so I’m naturally connected to all places and I’m really excited about my Mississippi visit. Crossroads Film Festival seems like a very cool festival. We also wanted to expand our horizons with this film, get it to unlikely places and have it seen it by as many people as possible.

Tell us about your social media presence:
Instagram: bohemia111