Filmmaker’s Name and Title:  David Jansen, Director, Co-Writer, Animator
Film Name: Daewit (original title: Däwit)
Length of film: 14:50 min
Genre: Drama, Animation
In 50 words or less, what’s this film about?
The film animated in the tradition of wood cut technique, tells the story of an abandoned child, who grows up with wolfs after his mother rescued him from his violent father. After an enigmatic journey full of privations and in quest for identity he finds his peace in forgiveness.
What inspired you to make this film?  
Artist - Frans Masereel
What’s your connection to Mississippi?  (If you don’t have one, why did you apply to a Mississippi festival?)
I’ve never been to Mississippi and I applied for the festival because its a region where the film hasn’t show before and it was recommended as a very nice festival for audience and filmmakers.