Filmmaker's Name:  Casey Dillard  
Film title: "A Horror Movie"
Genre: Comedy/Satire/Horror
Length: 11 minutes

What's your film about?  

Six "teens" that activate a decades old curse and and find themselves facing terror, danger and cliches.
If you like LAUGHING , you'll like "A Horror Movie"!

What books/music/ideas/art/individuals have influenced you?
My favorite film writers are Mindy Kaling, Edgar Wright and Tina Fey. I read a ton of books that have all lent me some inspiration or new perspective at some point in time, but it would be very hard to narrow it down. I tend to be most inspired by people who create their own material and then perform it. I find people that wear that many hats very impressive and strive to achieve that for myself.
What are some of your favorite films?
The Prestige, Drop Dead Gorgeous, A Night at the Opera, The Shawshank Redemption, Citizen Kane, Hot Fuzz, The Great Muppet Caper, The Station Agent

What type of person is the target audience for your film screening at Crossroads?  

Anyone who likes horror enough to have seen a good bit of it, but has a sense of humor about the genre. Anybody who is up for relaxing and sharing a laugh with me.

What is your hometown/state, high school & college attended?  (If not from here, do you have any connection to Mississippi?)

Born in Hattiesburg, raised in Pontotoc (attended high school there) and live in Tupelo.
What do you love most about Mississippi (if you're from Mississippi)?

I love the food, I love how green it is, I love the why-not attitude of the creative community. I love how vast and varied the creative community here is. I love how supportive we are of each other. It's a special place full of very special people.