See Award-Winning Muslim Films for FREE on Saturday, April 30 at the IMMC (Arts Center)

April is Islamic Heritage Month

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures (IMMC) hosts its first Islamic Heritage celebration in response to the City of Jackson's proclamation of April as Islamic Heritage Month. We are celebrating the entire month of April at the Arts Center of Mississippi. Join us to celebrate the diversity of Muslim Cultures!

Celebrations include food and beverage tastings, fashion shows, free health screenings, films from Muslim countries, interfaith dialogue, "Sister Cities" presentation (Jackson, Mississippi and Mbour, Senegal), and a "Quran in Action" presentation and dialogue. See more here! 

Join us on Saturday, April 30 for a delightful mix of films from Muslim countries including Jordan, Islamic Republic of Iran, and more, at the International Museum of Muslim Cultures, housed in the Mississippi Arts Center (see map here).

Crossroads Film Society is proud to show these films again, many of which won awards at the recent Crossroads Film Festival. This superb collection of films was chosen in partnership between Crossroads and IMMC, which chose native speakers to watch the films and rate them based on both technical merit and cultural significance. We are pleased to announce that both groups chose the same films, proving that great films transcend boundaries!

Enjoy these nine short films (each is between two and 15 minutes in length) - see animated, live action, tear-jerkers, and the unintentional humor of children!  All will make you think, and all highlight the essential humanity that connects people of all faiths, creeds, and races. Many films have subtitles; total running time of all films is about one hour.

Enjoy an amazing film lineup:

Another Kind of Girl

Youth (9 min.) / Dir. Khaldiya Jibawi / Prod. Laura Doggett / Jordan / Drama
Slice-of-life doc by 17-year-old Syrian refugee Khaldiya, who lives in a Jordanian refugee camp. (Winner, "Best Youth Film," Crossroads Film Festival 2016)


Short Narrative (2 min.) / Dir. Ali Erfan Farhadi / Islamic Republic of Iran / Drama
A young man with cancer has his photo taken.


Animation (14 min.) / Dir. Afshin Roshanbakht, Vahid Jafari / Prod. Afshin Roshanbakht, Vahid Jafari, Javad Shariatpanah / Islamic Republic of Iran / Drama
Lima, an Iranian man, relives the memories of his lost father as he himself grows old.

The Long Road

Youth (4 min.) / Dir. Rafif Al Fadel / Prod. Laura Doggett / Jordan / Drama
Ordinary urban life as filmed by a 16-year-old Syrian refugee in Jordan. (Winner, "Lagniappe Award," Crossroads Film Festival 2016)


Short Narrative (4 min.) / Dir. & Prod. Hasan Najmabadi / Islamic Republic of Iran / Drama
"Why do people fight with each other, mother?"

The Girl, Whose Shadow Reflects the Moon

Youth (5 min.) / Dir. Walaa Al Alawi / Prod. Laura Doggett / Jordan / Drama
The video diary of 16-year-old Walaa, a Syrian girl living in a Jordanian refugee camp. (Winner, "Lagniappe Award," Crossroads Film Festival, 2016)

I, You, We

Short Narrative (1 min.) / Dir. Ali Erfan Farhadi / Prod.  / Islamic Republic of Iran / Drama
Peer pressure leads some children to make unwise transportation choices.

The Queen of Material

Experimental (2 min.) / Dir. & Rajee Samarasinghe / Sri Lanka / Drama
An experimental flurry of exquisite materials and a mysterious woman lit by the sun.

I Am Sami

Short Narrative (15 min.) / Dir. Kae Bahar / Prod. Kae Bahar / Kyrgyzstan / Drama
In a war zone, 10-year-old Sami is forced to take decisions that could change his life forever. (Winner, "Best Short Narrative Film," Crossroads Film Festival 2016)