Jackson Artist Wade Acuff Chosen to Create 2017 RUMA Award


Each year Crossroads Film Society commissions a piece of original artwork from a Mississippi artist or craftsman to be the prize for the "Ruma Award for Most Promising Mississippi Filmmaker."  

The 2017 Ruma artwork, designed by Jackson artist Wade Acuff, is entitled "Always recording, so make something beautiful."

The painting is a future/retro take on film making. The main visual narrative expresses that in the future, everyone will tell a story through their given lenses or through their chosen lenses (eyes, equipment, or any other means of recording visual data). These stories will be told whether they're wanted or not, so it will be up to the individual to shape his/her story into something they would like the world to see. Basically, we're always recording, so make something beautiful!  

A commentary on the current social media climate is suggested, although it's not necessarily the intent of the piece. Ultimately, viewers are always encouraged to create their own narratives through their own lenses.

The piece is mixed media: ink and watercolor, and is 11" x 15".

About Wade

Wade Acuff is a professional artist for TV and Film productions, whose works focus on imagery as narrative that includes a science fiction or fantasy twist. After attaining an MFA from Mississippi State University, he has contributed to multiple educational television programs and films both nationally and internationally. With the variety of work he produces, Wade is able to pursue unique artistic endeavors that continue to push his artwork to new places.

See Strange Weather on Feb. 20 (7:00 PM at Malco Grandview) - $15

JACKSON: The Crossroads Film Society, in conjunction with the Mississippi Film Office, will present director Katherine Dieckmann’s feature film Strange Weather, starring Holly Hunter, on February 20 at 7:00 pm at the Malco Grandview Theatre in Madison. Filmed in Mississippi, Strange Weather is a poignant, lyrical drama about a mother (Holly Hunter), who, in an effort to deal with the grief over the death of her son, travels the back roads of the deep South to settle a score.

In a synopsis provided by the film’s distribution company, Strange Weather “tracks an uncompromising woman (Holly Hunter) as she embarks on a trip through the South with her best friend (played by Carrie Coon) to uncover the truth about the one event in her life that she can’t get over. In a powerhouse performance as Darcy Baylor, Hunter’s character is intelligent and radiant in its complexity, anchoring this lyrical drama that is shot through with regional realism. Strange Weather takes an unforgettable female protagonist and stitches her character’s fateful journey to an iconic landscape like thread to a cloth.” As the pair traverses a part of the country afflicted by both drought and flood, each stop on the road becomes a key step in Darcy’s process of overcoming, giving her a new way to think about her past, and how to transform it into a different kind of future. It is a story about what to give up and what to keep close, about ties that constrict and bonds that comfort, about the universal process of recovering from grief by simultaneously letting go.

Dieckmann will be in attendance to lead a Q & A with local cast, crew and the audience at the February 20 screening.  Robbie Fisher, President of Crossroads Film Society, said of the local screening, “Ms. Dieckmann generously offered this screening as an opportunity to show this made-in-Mississippi film locally, and we are thrilled to be able to share the film with audiences in the greater Jackson area.”  The screening will benefit the Crossroads Film Society and Mississippi Youth Media.

Dieckmann is a writer and director. Her other films are Motherhood (2009), Diggers (2006) and A Good Baby (2000). She was the originating director on the groundbreaking serial “The Adventures of Pete & Pete,” and has directed music videos for R.E.M., Aimee Mann, Wilco, and Vic Chesnutt, among others. She is an associate professor at Columbia University’s School of the Arts Film Program where she teaches screenwriting, and she is a creative advisor for The Sundance Institute.

Advance purchase tickets are $15 (Brown Paper Tickets: http://bpt.me/2861284). Seating is Limited. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door for $20.

Statement from Crossroads Film Society's Board of Directors RE: HB 1523

Posted April 7, 2016

It is ironic that on the heels of our very diverse, inclusive, and kind-hearted film festival, those of us who cherish open dialogue and respect the contributions we each make to our State find ourselves at another kind of crossroad.  Recent and confounding action by our State government to legitimize discrimination against LGBTQ individuals and to institutionalize fear of an open and diverse society, challenges Crossroads Film Society to show even more resolve to promote, nurture, and attract diverse and creative artists and film lovers to Mississippi.  We at Crossroads believe that the arts are tools, not weapons, and that we have a responsibility to promote a culture of respect for those who agree or disagree with us.  We do not fear diversity and we are now challenged to stay the course “to celebrate the art of filmmaking in all of its diversity and depth” and embrace that diversity in all aspects of our lives.