Filmmaker's Name:  Besim Ugzmajli
Film Title: Forgive Me (Mississippi premiere)
Filmmaker's Statement:

Writing Forgive Me and making this film was the biggest challenge we’ve ever had. Forgive me depicts a drama in the family, a hard decision to make, and a moral issue between family members.

Here, in Kosovo, it is not easy to discuss the topics of this film. I personally know people who went to Syria because they were brainwashed. They have fallen in the war and their families are totally destroyed — first, because they lost a family member, and second, they are now absolutely stigmatized in our society.

Some of the crew members of this film refused to put their names in the credits because they were afraid that something bad would happen to them from the radical Islamic people who live in Kosovo.

I love making films and telling stories in this way. I feel like filmmakers should be the people who speak the truth all around the world through their movies, and Forgive Me speaks exactly the truth I’ve lived these last years.