Filmmaker’s Name:  Bernabé Rico

Film Title:  Cowboys

Genre(s):  Dramedy

In 50 words or less, what is your film about?

My film COWBOYS is a road movie about a man's self-discovery journey through the experiences he lives together with of a 5-year-old boy. It was conceived while I attended a Film Festival in the USA during 2012 where I participated with my former film "Free Kick".

What inspired you to make this particular film? 

COWBOYS has all I look for in any kind of film: tension, adventure, comedy and drama. Hitchcock said you should never film with kids, animals and outside studio, so this film actually challenges him because 90% is outdoors, it has a kid as a main character and there is a horse race.  Also, it has an inner message that comes from my personal experience and which will hopefully stay on the audience for a long time. 

What’s the best experience you had making this film?  What’s the worst?  Why?

The best and the worst, at the same time, was working with the unexpected: children, animals and nature is just the epitome of the unexpected, and filming with this three all tangled together was as scary as it was fascinating.

In your opinion, what’s the best film ever made?  The worst?  Why?

I really don't have what you may call favorite movies, but I could say I do when I am surfing channels on TV and come across a film I have watched it several times and still cannot keep my eyes off the screen until the end. This has happened to me with films like the Godfathers or Back to the Future. Yes, very eclectic!  My favorite worst movie is any of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill... they are really childhood memories.

RE: a short bio… Tell us about your start in filmmaking.  Who are your heroes?  Did you get your start as an actor? A screenwriter? A grip?

I became a filmmaker because I started out as an actor and then I realized I had no control over the story, so I decided to have full control of the process. And then again I realized I didn't have full control of it unless I was the producer, so I became a producer too. And too late I knew that those who have full control of the process are actually the financiers.

Tell us about your connection to Mississippi.  If you don’t have one, why did you choose to enter Crossroads Film Festival?

I was an exchange student in Arkansas when I was a teenager, where I lived for a year. Even though it is not Mississippi, I believe you share a southern background so that triggered me to submit to Crossroads.

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