Filmmaker's Name: Audrey Christina

Film Title: August 29th (World premiere)

Filmmaker Statement:

August 29th is a video diary of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I shot the original film footage of Biloxi a few days after the storm, and the poem was complied from my dairy entries made over a two week period starting after the storm had passed.

Revisiting this tragedy has allowed me to express feelings that still haunt me, and I hope this film opens up a dialogue for others too finally express their own profound feelings of loss as well.

This was a very personal and difficult film for me to edit  because the images brought back so many painful memories. When I the film strung out and ready to begin sound editing, the old video footage caused a glitch with the software and I lost the whole project.  I said there is no way I can do that again, but the more time passed, the more compelled I felt to finish this film.

I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi just nine days before Hurricane Camille, and as a life-long Mississippi resident, I want to document and preserve Mississippi history for my children and future generations.   

I live near the calm Gulf waters with memories of how deadly those waters can become when a storm rages. I think Hurricanes imprint those whose families have remained on the coast for generations. I hope the film gives survivors a sense that they are not alone or forgotten, and I hope it gives others a deeper understanding of the emotional impact of a hurricane's aftermath on its victims.