The Crossroads Film Society... 


celebrates the art of filmmaking in all of its diversity and depth. The Crossroads Film Society facilitates and promotes a broader spectrum of film and video for the community, presents and honors films and videos related to Mississippi and the South, and provides educational opportunities and facilitates general discussions for film lovers and aspiring filmmakers.


Contact Crossroads Film Society & Festival:

PH:  601-345-5674

Crossroads Film Society
P.O. Box 22604
Jackson, MS 39225-2604


2017 Festival Committee

Michele Baker, festival coordinator
Robbie Fisher, director
Ann Willett, sponsorships
____, Volunteer Coordinator
Michelle Dawson & Zach Prichard, board liaisons
Robert Traub, screenings
Amanda Wells & Michelle Barrett, marketing/PR
____, social media
Derek Walker, program design
Lida Gibson, technical
Lisa Papale, festival jury
David Papale, audience awards
____, music video showcase
Alfred Luckett, transportation
Janis Boersma, box office
____, merchandise
Jimmy Taylor, transportation
Cat Leatherwood, onsite technical
Pam Brooks, Malco
Seth Tadlock, Malco

Programmers:  Fran Baker • Michele Baker • Eric McCoy • Ann Willett • Philip Scarborough • Robert Traub • Carolina Whitfield-Smith

Commercial: Azod Abedikichi

    Board of Directors

    Robbie Fisher, President
    Jerel Levanway, Vice President
    Rick Patt, Secretary
    Marcia Abbott, Treasurer
    Dean Blackwell
    Sid Davis
    Michelle Dawson
    Brad Franklin
    Monte Kraus
    Kentrell Liddell, M.D.
    Chuck McIntosh
    Zach Prichard
    Kevin Slark
    Jenni Smith
    Greg Smith
    Amanda Wells
    Kai Williams

      Advisory Board

      Ed Inman
      Mark Knight
      Jeanne Luckett
      Anita Modak-Truran
      Joy Parikh
      Nina Parikh
      Philip Scarborough
      Todd Stauffer
      Ferrell Tadlock



        Screening Committee

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